Laura hails from the desert landscapes of southern Arizona, but has been spending the last few years in the Great White North of Toronto, Ontario. She first got her taste for history during her undergraduate in sunny San Diego, but headed gave up the sun & surf to study medieval history first at the University of Toronto, and then at the University of Oxford. While she was completing her master's and doctorate, she found a passion for productive procrastination through cooking for her friends and colleagues. She started a food blog, A Foodie's Footnotes in mid-2009 as a way of tracking her creations. 

After her doctoral work, Laura worked in London before heading to Kingston, Ontario where she taught history & classics for five years, winning the W.J. Barnes Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2016. 

But her love of history and food finally came together when she started The Feast Podcast in May, 2016, an exploration of the great meals that made history. Since then, she has also run culinary tours and adventures through Toronto and southern Ontario. She has also written articles on great moments in food history. 

You can get in touch with her here or learn more about her academic research and publications here